“If we cannot go to the Gallery, let’s bring the gallery to the street!”

Adrian & Chris.

The Assembly Room is a Gallery where artworks are visible to those who walk by it.

Our space – a white cube of 84 x 82cm x 30cm deep- is small, deliberately so, allowing for a maximum of 2 artworks to be in dialogue. The exhibit changes every 2 to 3 weeks. 

The focus is on the artwork but artist name, work name + details will be shown.

Furthermore, Title, Exhibition Text, Artist names with their website/social media (as preferred by the artist) and work descriptions are also accessible from the website (www.theassemblyroom.co.uk).

The gallery is run by Artists Adrian Baynes (founder of Baynes&Co Designers ) and Chris. Dugrenier  (MA in Fine Arts at CSM).